41 ways to Overcome Lack of Motivation and Find your Sew-Jo!

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Lost your Sew-jo? (sewing mojo) Let me tell you, that you’re not alone!

The students I’ve spoken to over the last few days have, almost without exception, said that they are lacking the motivation to sew right now. And I totally get that!

It is important right now to do those things that help us to feel good and I know for many of you sewing is usually one of those things.

So if you are struggling to get yourself sewing and to retain some grasp on normality, here are a list of 41 things that I’ve been doing (or plan to do) to help keep my spirits up and other things that I’ve been doing to find my sew-jo.

The things on my list may not appeal to everyone, but it might help spark some ideas that could work for you. (In no particular order)

  1. Open some windows and let some fresh air in
  2. Get up, get showered and get dressed, even if you’re just putting on your comfiest clothes.
  3. Light some scented candles
  4. Video call your friends & family
  5. Get outside in the garden, if you have one.
  6. Watch Next in Fashion on Netflix
  7. Talk about other things rather than what’s happening right now. I’m tired of having the same conversations over and over again.
  8. Talk to the animals, if you don’t have pets, talk to the birds or next door’s cats
  9. Tidy your sewing space
  10. Limit your screen time
  11. Get dressed up – we had an Awards Ceremony last week as Gary’s work awards had to be postponed. So we got dressed up, drank Champagne and had joke awards.
  12. If you’ve got more than one toilet, use the furthest away
  13. Step away from the biscuits
  14. Drink plenty of water
  15. Watch YouTube videos – for sewing tips and inspiration I recommend Bernadette Banner and Kenneth D King
  16. Save wine for the weekends
  17. Move around – don’t just sit in one space
  18. Get lost in a book
  19. Try a new sewing technique – always wanted to master zips or button holes, try a different type of seam or get to grips with set in sleeves.
  20. Sort your wardrobe, identify gaps, bag up clothes for charity that you no longer love, repair loved garments. (Before we moved I got rid of over 60 pairs of knickers from my underwear drawer that I never wore, they either didn’t fit, were worn out or were uncomfortable and never got worn!)
  21. Sort your stash. Reorganise your fabric and your pattern stash. You might find stuff in there to inspire you.
  22. Watch animals being cute or doing funny things, either in real life or on YouTube.
  23. Create project boxes/bags if you’ve already bought everything you need for a project then keep them together for ease when inspiration strikes. Do the same with any work in progress.
  24. Make a really simple project or something you’ve made before and enjoyed.
  25. Sort your UFO’s (unfinished objects). Be realistic about those you want to finish. Relegate others to the scrap bag.
  26. Make a gift for someone else.
  27. Is there a project you’ve wanted to make for a while? Now’s the perfect time to start it.
  28. Watch clips from past Great British Sewing Bee series here, in preparation for series 6 coming soon
  29. Tidy your sewing area at the end of each day
  30. Accept that if you don’t feel like doing something, that’s ok
  31. Search Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration
  32. Binge watch your favourite shows
  33. There’s no right or wrong way to deal with this. Whatever you’re doing is ok
  34. Just do 10 minutes and see how you feel then. No pressure
  35. Support small businesses, buy what you need from an independent business rather than Amazon or the big supermarkets
  36. Be kind to others
  37. Say thank you to supermarket staff, NHS workers and others who are out there serving our communities
  38. Share positive news stories
  39. Search for pattern inspiration on The Fold Line
  40. Give yourself some time alone, just because you’re in the same house, doesn’t mean you have to be in the same room.
  41. Join me on Friday for my iSewlation Sew together on Zoom. To chat about all things sewing, ask for help and show your recent makes or progress.

iSewlation Sew Together by Zoom 27_3_20

Join me in your home, at your sewing machine for an iSewlation Sew Together on Zoom.

Friday 27th March 6.30pm

On your laptop, tablet or phone.

For sewing chat, expert advice on your current or future projects and to share your makes and work in progress.

Pay as you can/Pay as you feel here – If you are in a financially secure position, please pay whatever you feel is right. If your income like mine is precarious at best right now, then join us for free.

Bagladybird – Learn to Sew – Friday iSEWlation Sew Together

Time: Mar 27, 2020 18:30 London

Join Zoom Meeting HERE

Meeting ID: 358 852 964

Password: 016654

I hope to see you on Friday

Alison xx

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