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    Embrace Your Body and Style

    embrace your body

    In a world that often promotes unattainable beauty standards, it’s important to embrace your body and foster a positive body image. One powerful way to achieve this is through the art of making your own clothes. By embracing your body and celebrating your unique style, you can boost your confidence and promote body acceptance. In this blog post, we’ll explore the empowering connection between making your own clothes and cultivating a positive body image, encouraging you to join the Love & Stitches Club, an online dressmaking membership that celebrates body diversity and helps you embrace your body even more. Celebrating…

  • Sewing Friends are the best Friends group

    Sewing Friends Are the Best Friends

    Sewing friends can indeed be some of the best friends one can have. Here are a few reasons why. Shared passion Sewing friends share a common interest and love for sewing. This shared passion forms a strong foundation for a…

  • Special Occasion Sewing

    Special Occasion Sewing – Heirloom Christening Gown

    Katie came to Sewing School with a very special occasion sewing project in mind. Turning her own wedding dress into a christening gown for her granddaughter, Lily. Although Katie is not a novice sewist, she wanted some extra support to…

  • Get Yourself Unstuck with a Project

    Get Yourself Unstuck with a Project

    Get Yourself Unstuck with a Project… Do you ever find yourself so excited to start a new project but then very quickly run out of steam? Believe me, you’re not alone. It’s a tale I hear often from my students…

  • Silent Auction

    Silent Auction Fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society

    Silent Auction – Bid Now! I’ve been doing a lot of walking recently. That’s because my partner, Gary & I are doing a 26 mile trek raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. All donations are gratefully received, and you can…

  • Style Arc Bob Pants Sew Along

    Style Arc Bob Pants – A little gusset

    I made these Style Arc Bob Pants as part of a sew along in the Love & Stitches Club last year and I wore them a few times. However, I was conscious of the V shaped drag lines from the…

  • Colour me Happy cover

    Colour me Happy! Choosing your Sewing Colour Palette

    Well, colour me happy! The colours you wear are as personal and individual as you are. To me your clothes and the colours you wear are an artistic expression of yourself. A shorthand to express yourself and a way to…

  • Jessica Sews a Cheongsam header

    Jessica Sews a Cheongsam

    Jessica Sews a Cheongsam… Jessica came to me for one to one sewing lessons about 2 years after she had moved to the UK from China. She was missing certain aspects of Chinese culture and wanted to make herself a…

  • Me made May pledge

    My Me Made May Pledge 2022

    Me Made May is one of those challenges that I really love to join. It’s low pressure as you can make it work for your own needs. It is a challenge started and co-ordinated by Zoe Edwards of the blog:…

  • Sew Zips in Clothes with Ease

    Sew Zips in Clothes with Ease

    Do you avoid making patterns that include zips? Because you are terrified to try sewing in a zip for the first time? Or you’ve tried to insert a zip before and made a bit of a mess of it? Sewing…

  • Sewing update & challenges

    Sewing Update & Challenges!

    Sewing update & challenges… Earlier in the year I wrote about my Spring Sewing plans. You can read the original post here. Well, as usual, nothing has gone according to plan! Sew Alongs Of course I’ve made the Sew Along…