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    Colour me Happy! Choosing your Sewing Colour Palette

    Colour me Happy cover

    Well, colour me happy! The colours you wear are as personal and individual as you are. To me your clothes and the colours you wear are an artistic expression of yourself. A shorthand to express yourself and a way to lift your mood. Colour Analysists such as Katie Portman Personal Stylist who will look at your skin, hair and eye colours and tell you which season you are and from that which colours suit you. And there are even websites like Colorwise Me where you can upload a photo and it will give you a suggested colour palette. From this…

  • Jessica Sews a Cheongsam header

    Jessica Sews a Cheongsam

    Jessica Sews a Cheongsam… Jessica came to me for one to one sewing lessons about 2 years after she had moved to the UK from China. She was missing certain aspects of Chinese culture and wanted to make herself a…

  • Me made May pledge

    My Me Made May Pledge 2022

    Me Made May is one of those challenges that I really love to join. It’s low pressure as you can make it work for your own needs. It is a challenge started and co-ordinated by Zoe Edwards of the blog:…

  • Sew Zips in Clothes with Ease

    Sew Zips in Clothes with Ease

    Do you avoid making patterns that include zips? Because you are terrified to try sewing in a zip for the first time? Or you’ve tried to insert a zip before and made a bit of a mess of it? Sewing…

  • Sewing update & challenges

    Sewing Update & Challenges!

    Sewing update & challenges… Earlier in the year I wrote about my Spring Sewing plans. You can read the original post here. Well, as usual, nothing has gone according to plan! Sew Alongs Of course I’ve made the Sew Along…

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    Spring 22 Sewing Plans

    Spring 22 Sewing Plans. I’m not a fan of winter clothes. I must admit that. I’m a summer baby and much prefer the feeling and freedom that summer clothes bring. I love to feel the sun on my skin! These…

  • 10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Newbie Sewist

    10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Newbie Sewist

    I’ve been sewing for almost 30 years and here are 10 things I wish I knew as a newbie sewist. Let me save you some frustration by sharing them with you now. 1. Not all fabrics are created equal. Buy…

  • Sewing goals for 2022

    Sewing Goals for 2022

    Wow! It’s 2022… Are you setting yourself any sewing goals for 2022? I’m deliberately not using the word resolution as traditionally a “New Year’s Resolution” is often doomed to failure before you’ve even returned to work from the festive break.…

  • 2021 review

    2021 Review of the Year

    2021 Review – I’m going to talk about the positives, the things I’m proud of and this things I’m grateful for. I acknowledge that this year has not been smooth sailing but I want to focus on the good times.…

  • Sewing Gratitude 2021

    Sewing Gratitude 2021

    Sewing Gratitude 2021 – At the end of the year I love to take a minute to think of all the things I’m grateful for that year. 2021 has been a real tough year for many of us. But if…

  • 10 free patterns

    10 Free Patterns to Sew Gifts

    I’ve got some fab free patterns and tutorials for some! Some you can even make using scraps left over from other projects. Super It’s getting closer to Christmas… and if you’re feeling the pressure of teacher gifts or extra stocking…