• long lasting pyjamas

    Long Lasting Pyjamas for Kids

    I made my step-son Jack these long lasting pyjamas back in 2018 when he was just 8 years old. Jack is now about to turn 12 and these are still his favourite PJs. Despite the fact that they are a…

  • Voting options for Sew Along
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    Voting Options for Sew Alongs – Jan/Feb/Mar 2022

    The questionnaire with the voting options for Sew Alongs in the Love & Stitches Club for January to March 2022 is coming soon. Each quarter Love & Stitches Club members get to vote on the upcoming sew alongs. I’ll give…

  • gifting handmade clothes

    Gifting Handmade Clothes

    Gifting handmade clothes to those you love is such an exquisite thing. It takes thought and care and attention to get it just right. And that is part of the beauty of giving handmade; that it is so personal made…

  • Love to Sew

    Love to Sew? 7 Reasons Why

    Do you want to know why I love to sew? I’ll tell you why… 1. I Love Fashion For me, sewing has always been about making clothes. I’ve always loved clothes and fashion from being a small child. I love…

  • More efficient sewing

    5 Ways to More Efficient Sewing

    Have you ever wished that sewing was a quicker process? I’ll give you 5 tips that will help get more efficient sewing. 1. Batching Getting your flow on by batching similar tasks together. So that might mean cutting a few…

  • get more from your sewing class

    Get More from your Sewing Class

    How to get more from your sewing class… If you’re going to make the investment of time and money to attend an in person class, you want to squeeze every bit of value from it. Over the years I’ve seen…

  • The Importance of Pressing

    The Importance of Pressing when Making Clothes

    A lot of newbie students don’t realise the importance of pressing when making clothes. I have many reluctant ironers join my classes. And who can blame them? You can buy many clothes in the shops that can just be washed…

  • Sew a straight Line

    Help! I Can’t Sew a Straight Line!

    If you’ve ever said: “I can’t even sew a straight line!” then this is just for you! Learn the techniques to help keep you sewing straight and following the correct seam allowance. Garment patterns are designed with a specific seam…

  • celebrating 5 years

    Celebrating 5 Years of Teaching You to Sew

    This week I’ve been celebrating 5 years since my last day of employment! 5 years of being fully self-employed… I started Bagladybird – Learn to Sew in early 2016. After running a charity Crafternoon in aid of Mind in January…

  • Blog

    Superstar Bra – Waves & Wild

    When the Superstar Bra pattern was released by Waves & Wild last week. I instantly knew that it had to go to the top of my sewing list. I promptly ordered the pattern from the Waves & Wild website (currently…