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    Loved Clothes Last! – Fashion Revolution Week 2021

    “Loved clothes last!” is a mantra to live by! But it is also a book written by Fashion Revolution founder Orsolo de Castro. I bought the book when it first came out earlier in the year, but only got around…

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    Spring Sewing Planning 2021 – Dressing to the Max

    The long dark winter has come to an end. The clocks went forward at the weekend, which means that the evenings are lighter longer. And the UK is having a mini 2 day heatwave! My thoughts immediately turn to my…

  • Peter Pan Collar

    Create a Peter Pan Collar for any Neckline

    I’ve created a video tutorial on how to make a Peter Pan collar. This was requested by Barbara & Lucy in my Learning to Sew Facebook group. To me, one of the most exciting things about making your own clothes…

  • Upcycling project

    Upcycling Project – Men’s Shirt to Cute Top

    An upcycling project can be a fun way to bring new life to things that are not being used. Or living up to their potential in their current form. This project takes a men’s shirt and turns it into a…

  • Sewing Mistakes

    Sewing Mistakes Happen – What to Do when they Do?

    Sewing mistakes can happen, as can mistakes in life. How we deal with them makes all the difference. Treat mistakes as an opportunity for learning rather than as a disaster to ruin your day. Last week I had a technological…

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    The Power of Clothes to Lift your Mood

    During the first lockdown I did Dress Up Friday almost every week. I would choose an outfit that I loved to wear and harnessed the power of clothes to lift your mood. I kind of forgot about that during this…

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    Hero Dressmaking Patterns of Lockdown 3!

    Back in April 2020 I wrote about my 6 hero dressmaking patterns of the lockdown so far! Now we’re back in lockdown for the third time and my clothing choices haven’t changed that much! Read the original post here. I’m…