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    Sewing & Growing in a Post Lockdown World

    Things have definitely changed in the Bagladybird world since lockdown began, but don’t worry we’re gently easing out of lockdown and I’m starting to see students face to face, starting with one to one lessons in August and group lessons…

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    How to Sew a Simple Seam – Hints & Tips

    If you’ve ever said: “I can’t even sew a straight line!” then this is just for you! Learn the techniques to help keep you sewing straight and following the correct seam allowance. Alison xx

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    A Day in my Lockdown Life

    Many of you might be wondering what a Dressmaking Tutor does when all face to face contact with students has to be paused due to a worldwide pandemic. You might assume that I’ve got heaps of time to sew and…

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    I’d Love you to Tell me the Reason why you Sew?

    I recently asked this question in my Facebook group Learning to Sew – I’d love you to tell me the reason why you sew? I was fascinated by the range of answers and I’m sure you will be too. Here’s…

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    Changing the Sewing Machine Needle – Video tutorial

    Brand new – Video Tutorial – Changing the Sewing Machine Needle It’s really important to ensure that you are not using a blunt needle when you’re sewing. And your needle gets blunted quicker that you’d think. Using a sharp needle…

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    5 Past & Present Students – Selling their Sewing

    I want to celebrate my students past and present who now make money from their sewing and sell their wares! These amazing women are running or starting sewing businesses in the midst of the less than ideal circumstances of a…