Peter Pan Collar

Create a Peter Pan Collar for any Neckline

I’ve created a video tutorial on how to make a Peter Pan collar. This was requested by Barbara & Lucy in my Learning to Sew Facebook group.

To me, one of the most exciting things about making your own clothes is the infinite possibilities for creativity and customisation. Peter Pan collars are a great way to put your own stamp on any garment.

They are really traditional on little girls dresses and can give a retro 60’s vibe to a simple shift dress. You can make the bigger flat collars that are fashionable right with this same technique.

In the video I’ll take you through how to make a pattern for a Peter Pan collar. And you can add it onto any bodice neckline, both children’s and adults.

You’ll trace off the neckline of your bodice, paying special attention to the seam allowance. You will learn how to create any shape of flat collar that you desire.

I use my Pattermaster ruler to easily create smooth curves and add/subtract seam allowances. You can easily find draw right angle lines or lines at 45°. You can buy Patternmaster Rulers here. Above all, they are so useful when creative, altering or drafting your own patterns.

You can discover the steps that will take you from a paper pattern piece to a finished 3D garment. And how to get a lovely professional finish.

Sewing techniques used:

  • Seam allowance
  • Clipping seam allowance
  • Basting/tacking by machine
  • Layering/grading seam allowance
  • Understitching
  • Pressing seams

I hope you have fun with this technique, and I look forward to seeing your creations over in the Facebook group too.

If you’ve enjoyed watching this video, you can find more video tutorials to help you increase your sewing skills and to help make you become a better dressmaker over on my YouTube Channel here.

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

Peter Pan collar

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