• The Importance of Pressing

    The Importance of Pressing when Making Clothes

    A lot of newbie students don’t realise the importance of pressing when making clothes. I have many reluctant ironers join my classes. And who can blame them? You can buy many clothes in the shops that can just be washed…

  • Sew a straight Line

    Help! I Can’t Sew a Straight Line!

    If you’ve ever said: “I can’t even sew a straight line!” then this is just for you! Learn the techniques to help keep you sewing straight and following the correct seam allowance. Garment patterns are designed with a specific seam…

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    Pattern Markings – What are they all about?

    Pattern Markings seem like hieroglyphics when you first start dressmaking. A lot of marks and squiggles on your patterns that don’t mean anything to you. But pattern markings are essential to helping you put your pattern pieces together in the…

  • Upcycling project

    Upcycling Project – Men’s Shirt to Cute Top

    An upcycling project can be a fun way to bring new life to things that are not being used. Or living up to their potential in their current form. This project takes a men’s shirt and turns it into a…

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    Cutting Fabric with Scissors – Top Tips

    Are you new to cutting fabric? Cutting fabric with scissors an important skill to learn when you are making clothes. Take your time with it and practice you will soon be wielding your scissors with confidence and cutting out with…

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    Crucial Dos & Don’ts of Sewing Jersey Fabric

    Jersey fabric is something that students often have a fear of working with. Usually this a fear of the unknown. Or perhaps they have tried before and it didn’t work out. But I’m here today to say, “Get over that…