• get more from your sewing class

    Get More from your Sewing Class

    How to get more from your sewing class… If you’re going to make the investment of time and money to attend an in person class, you want to squeeze every bit of value from it. Over the years I’ve seen…

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    I’ve Missed you! – Studio Reopened Now

    I’m really pleased to say that my studio is now reopened fully for one to one and group classes. It feels like such a long time since I last welcomed a new class of Sewing School students to the studio!…

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    Sew Along? What’s it all about?

    One of our main focus each month in the Membership Club is a Sew Along Video Series available to Linen and Silk level members. These Sew Alongs are then saved in a library for members to refer back to, revisit…

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    Sewing Classes After Lockdown

    Sewing Classes After Lockdown? – No, I don’t have a secret hotline to Boris to know when I can start teaching face to face sewing lessons again! But I do have some good news! You can bag yourself a priority…

  • Sewing goals for 2021

    Sewing Goals for 2021

    Happy New Year! At the start of a new year, I love to think about setting goals. What are my Sewing Goals for 2021? What are your Sewing Goals for 2021? And how can I help you to achieve them?…

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    Book your October 1:1 Zoom lesson

    Book your October 1:1 Zoom Lesson.   Click here to book: http://bit.ly/ZoomSilkOct2020  Let me know what you want to cover during your lesson. It can be a specific technique or step on a pattern, or something more general. Alison xx PS.…

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    Sewing & Growing in a Post Lockdown World

    Things have definitely changed in the Bagladybird world since lockdown began, but don’t worry we’re gently easing out of lockdown and I’m starting to see students face to face, starting with one to one lessons in August and group lessons…

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    Spread the Love & Spread the Word

    There is an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty in the air at the moment, which is only natural, but I am choosing common sense and love rather than panic. Of course I am worried about the impact that the situation…